10 Summer Dates to help create that spark!

Long summer days and sunkissed evenings are the perfect opportunity to make the most of the great outdoors. It’s time to inject some fun into dating, so why not make the most of getting out into the great outdoors and get some great inspiration with my outdoor dating inspo! Here are some of my favourite outings on a warm summers day.

Watch a movie outdoors.

Watching a movie at a cinema is pretty cliché and not many people choose to do this as a first date anymore.  However, why not revive an old school date by watching a movie outdoors or even a drive-in? You can still have light conversation, have yourself a little picnic and watch the sunset too. A nice way to bring in an evening with your date.

Day at the beach.

This is a great way to spend the day together. Head out early in the morning, perhaps stop halfway for breakfast and then drive on to the beach. Top up your SPF, find yourself a great spot and make the most of relaxing on the beach. You can even have a quick dip to cool off or mix things with a walk on the pier or relive your youth and hit the arcade.

Go for a long walk.

This made sound so simple, but hear me out. If you’re open to adventure and playing things by ear, this could be a great date. Make sure you have a starting point and see where your feet take you. You could sightsee your own city, visit a botanical garden or even take a long walk in a nature park. The great thing about walking is that it really can be anywhere. See what you both have in common and would like to see en route and then map a plan accordingly.

Take a city tour.

Act like a tourist in your own city and visit somewhere you haven’t been before. I guarantee you will not know all the hot spots in your area, so why not go discover them? It doesn’t have to be where you live, you could venture elsewhere and soak in the history and culture of another town or city.  Make sure you do your research in advance of the things you would like to do and plan your day accordingly to make the most of your time.

Plan a picnic.

Picnics can be really simple yet also super effective. Make sure you pack fuss-free food, no one wants their food down their clothes or messy hands. So simple snack type foods are a good choice. Glasses, bubbly and a blanket are definitely on the list too, as well as insect repellent and SPF. If you make sure you have all the necessary bits and bobs you need, you’re in for a lovely date.


This is an absolute fave of mine and so romantic on a summer’s night. The possibilities are endless. You could cuddle up in a blanket and gaze into the night sky, sip on hot chocolate, or if you are savvy, search for constellations. There’s definitely something about disconnecting from technology and becoming one with nature with your partner.

Rooftop Bar.

Watching the sunset over the skyline is a really relaxed vibe. You could be sipping on your cocktails, chatting away with some fabulous music in the background whilst enjoying your date. You can dress up or casual, the choice is yours. But there is definitely a great feeling during golden hour as the day turns to night. Try it, you won’t regret it!

Visit a theme park.

If you’re both into your knuckle rides and adventure, a day out in a theme park could be just the ticket. It’s a great way to push your boundaries, support each other to get on that ride, or even a sneaky bit of handholding during a rollercoaster to calm the nerves. You could find out just adventurous (or not) your date is and learn so much more about them on a day out.

Spend a day poolside.

A slight contrast, but a day by the pool relaxing has the potential to be a fabulous date. You can book in at a great hotel and book a couples massage too or even spend a day at the spa. With hectic and busy lives, sometimes by slowing down you can really get time to appreciate time with your partner and with your phones away, be present.

Go bike riding.

You can find the perfect scenic route, or set off and see where the day may take you. Even pack a picnic and stop somewhere en route to enjoy the scenery. A bike ride is great to get a sweat on and wander on an adventure. Perhaps even get a tandem to level up your teamwork.

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